Our Mission

To recover discarded resources from trash, enriching customer operations while sustaining our environment.

Our Dedication

Following a decade of experience in the world of waste, the concept of G Force Waste Sorters, Inc. began to germinate, naturally, early springtime of 2016. The TONS of trash generated over a couple of hours at just one event, from just one venue, in just one town in this world, compelled G Force Waste Sorters’ President Michelle Lee Guiney to become an eco-preneur in order to drive change in the waste industry.  Despite best practices developed and exorbitant financial resources invested toward recycling outreach and education, the majority of waste continues to be disposed of in landfills.  Approximately ONE MILLION TONS of waste is generated EVERY DAY in the US and only 28% is recycled or composted, according to Environmental Research and Education Foundation’s study released in November of 2016.  In order to conserve finite natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with burying and burning waste, and, to increase recycling rates, G Force Waste Sorters evolved as a solution to recovering recyclables from trash at large events.

G Force Waste Sorters is part of the movement to minimize the environmental impact of waste generated during large events.  President Michelle Lee Guiney is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited and Six Sigma and Zero Waste certified.  She is published in leading national industry resources, i.e. Environmental Leader’s Insider Knowledge, BioCycle and Resource Recycling.

TONS of trash TODAY are being buried or burned.  Let’s RECOVER Recyclables NOW from trash today for a better tomorrow!  G Force Waste Sorters also welcomes Mt. Sustainability Climbers to support recovering discarded resources.

Whatever your mountain, when you summit, be sure to turn around to help the next climber reach it.

Our Future Focus

    • Support manufacturers of products that are made with recovered materials, “recycled content”
    • Establish closed-loop systems, where post-consumer waste is collected and recycled into new products that consumers purchase
    • Reinstitute reusable goods and establish zero waste as a norm


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