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Memorial Day Salute

Boston Red Sox (BRS) left fielder, six-time American League (American League) Batting Champion and two-time Triple Crown winner, Theodore Samuel Williams (1918-2002) has many monikers including the “Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived”.  “The Splendid Splinter” is the last Major League Baseball (MLB) player to bat over .400 in a season, .406 in 1942.

“Teddy Ballgame” would have been proud of BRS’ new Batting Average (BA) King: Waste Sorters.  The BRS, Waste Management and Aramark All-Star Waste Sorters lineup succeeded in sorting over four tons of trash during a Memorial Day weekend game.  This translates to a 54% landfill waste diversion rate, analogous to .540 BA in baseball for the Waste Sorters Team!  Recovering tons of recyclables from trash diverts waste from landfills and incinerators for beneficial purposes.  MLB’s BA King has been succeeded by its new Sustainability Average (SA) King!

More distinguished, from the ballpark to the battlefield, Ted Williams departed from his 1939-1960 illustrious baseball profession on two occasions to serve our country.  Williams served as a US Naval Aviator in World War II, from 1943-1946, and as a Marine Combat Aviator in the Korean War, from 1952-53.  MLB’s two-time recipient of the AL Most Valuable Player Award also set many records in Marine gunnery.  No surprise, Williams was a decorated veteran as well, earning Air Medal with two Gold Stars from nearly 40 combat missions flown in Korea.

One additional note of service: “#9’s” tireless efforts toward fighting cancer.  From the 40s through the 90s, Williams was heavily involved in the Jimmy Fund, helping to raise millions of dollars for cancer care and research.  Reportedly, there was no shortage of appearances at a myriad of events in addition to countless visits to Dana Farber’s Jimmy Fund Clinic to boost children’s spirits.

In 1991, Theodore Samuel Williams was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award bestowed by the US government.  Fenway Park’s recovery of 54% of its trash for recycling and organics is a tribute to “The Kid” on this Memorial Day for his third Triple Crown: excellence in baseball, commitment to cancer and decorated US military service.

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