Increase your recycling rate and divert substantially more waste from the landfill while you enhance the environmental attributes and economics of your business!

Why You Need GFWS to Recover Recyclables

  • To provide a greener, more sustainable entertainment experience for customers
  • To capitalize on the positive publicity associated with being green and sustainable
  • To reduce trash disposal costs
  • To increase recycling volumes
  • To maintain compliance with state waste ban regulations and mandatory recycling requirements
  • To beat competitor’s landfill waste diversion rates
  • To support corporate recycling and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals
  • To meet criteria for sustainability certifications, i.e LEED and US ZWBC
  • To take a leadership role among stakeholders and in your community
  • To transform waste standards so all venues compete on a level playing field
  • To impact global resource scarcity identified by leading national authorities, i.e. Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD)
  • To have a dedicated, passionate materials management Force committed to recovering discarded, valuable resources

Why Become a Mt. Sustainability Climber

  • To replenish resources you have used
  • To support the recovery of valuable recyclables that would otherwise remain buried in landfills for centuries
  • To conserve Earth’s finite natural resources
  • To preserve our environment for future generations


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